Thursday, July 29, 2010

Oh my god, I said "Oh my god"

Okay, so writing in this blog is really getting hard. Instead of talking about Jesus in this blog entry, I will instead talk about a group of people, a lot like the 12 disciples; or whatever they were called, who also drank alcohol and believed that they could do anything. The leader would also have had a beard if she didn't wax herself so often. That's right folks, I'm comparing Jesus and his followers to Jersey Shore. Is that a sin? Let me check the bible. Cheating: no. Stealing: no. Saying "Oh my god": damn it, I just said it. Murder: no. Okay, I think I'm safe...OH NO! God damn it! Apparantly it counts as blasphemy. I could kill someone right now! But for fear of commiting another sin, I will stop while I'm ahead? Behind? I mean, technically I'm ahead because I have two sins, when before I had none. But, I can also be judged as bellow because I'll be going to hell for doing those things.
I don't really understand why saying Oh My God is a sin. I mean, everyone does it, but no one repents each time they say it. Plus, isn't repenting supposed to be ridiculously painful? I mean, if I repented each and every time I said "Oh my god", I think I would commit suicide. Wouldn't you? Also, if you say Oh my gosh, isn't that the same thing because you're basically thinking: Oh my god? It's a paradox. People don't even repent until the end of their lives anyway, and I think it's cheating in a way. I mean, people that do good things their whole life go to heaven, but a bad person who says sorry at the end goes to heaven too? That's like me studying to get an A and someone else cheating to get the same score I did. This doesn't really sound like a "Just" God, but if you think about it, nothing about him is. I mean, if God did exsist, or at least in the way we portray him, wouldn't you think he'd stop the countless deaths in Africa? Wouldn't he forbid war and listen to everyone's thoughts, not just Christians?
The expression "everything happens for a reason" scares me. I mean, what possible reason could there be for a two year old kid to get drowned in the bath tub by his mom? What possible reason could there be for 200 years of slavery? What possible reason could there be for the current child army constantly growing in Uganda? If there is a God, he is either not doing his job, or is a watcher, and not an actor in this play we call life. Otherwise, I'd rather be in the first circle of Hell with Ghandi and Freedie Mercury.
Sorry for my huge exasperated tangent, but alas, these things trouble me.
Anyway, now for a more believable being: Snooky and the gang in Jersey Shore. Now, I know what you're thinking: "I knew Adam was gay". Sorry homosexuals out there, I love fly booties on fake tanless women. Unfake tanless women? I don't even know.
The whole show felt like a giant soap opera that was unscripted and uncut. Well, the dresses were definitely cut, if you know what I mean. The whole concept of the show is very witty and it's no wonder why they have many viewers. Although, I can't tell if the girls on the show are hot, or disgusting. They should work on that.
My favourite part was when Snooky was pissed off at Obama for raising the tax on tanning booths. She thought he was after people like her and she knew Palin would never do something like that. Hilarious
Tommorows blog topic will not be declared just because I've been very bad about reading and sticking to my schedule.

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