Saturday, December 4, 2010

American football is a closeted homosexual. Touchdown?

I'm terrible at blogs.
But seeing as this is finals week, I think I'll restart it up, for lolz and giggles and rofls. Hm. I could go for a rofl. Or is that a ruffle? Damn English language.
Today I went to a football game, excuse me, I went to an American Football game. I almost overhyped my day. Silly me. SO as I was saying, I was sitting in the audience, studying for my test, when suddenly I GOT HARASSED and DRUGGED. Okay, I'm kindof exagerating. But riddle me this...what's so bad about studying at a football game? No one is creating any intelligent conversation and's not FOOTBALL. Why do Americans call football football. You kick the ball a marginally short ammount of time compared to when you touch it. Man..maybe American Football is a closeted homosexual sport. So obsessed with touching balls that they cover up their obvious male fetish with a so obviously heterosexual name. I mean, comeon! Look at the obvious signs. Like..the terms of football. Touch down? TOUCH..DOWN. Ball Carrier. BLOW....OUT! Check DOWN.CORNER BACK.DEAD BALL!DEFENSIVE...DEFENSIVE..DEFENSIVE BACK!GOAL LINE. HAND OFF.HOLDING!KNEEL! LINE BACKER.LOOSE BALL!RUSH! I could go ON AND ON! It's gayer than Daniel Radcliffe. You think he's straight, don't you? Damn, now I have to furtherly digress. Damn. Okay, one word. Equus. Wait...damn that's beastiality. Okay I'm regressing now....
Okay well anyway, I'm there studying for philosophy, minding my own buisness...when a drunk wench approached me saying: "Why are you studying! WTF WTF. (What the fuck), dude chilll out, drink some of this".
Why did I drink some of that, I still don't know to this day.
I took a sip.
I'm kindof a baby, but that was my first sip of alcohol.
Now before I make a confession, let me just say that I think all the time.
All the time.
I'm an overthinker.
Now, that tiny bit of alcohol. It let me be me. It let me quote the beatles! WAPA. I hate george lopez, why did I just quote him?
Anyway, that was today.

I have more to say, but I'm going to let that start my next post.

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