Saturday, December 4, 2010


I'm not talking about my girlfriend Kat.
I'm talking ACTUAL CAT.
Now, I was already a cat person to begin with. I mean, think about it. What's another word for a cat? A pussy. Who hates pussy? People don't care for it, but no one HATES it.
Whats another connotation for a dog? A man that is an asshole by profession. In all senses of the word. Sure, puppy is a nice word. But in the end, all puppies die. I mean, they eventually become dogs then die. Unless they reach an early death..silly me. At what age do they go from being puppies to being dogs? Is there a species name transformation birthday we, as a nation, should be celebrating?
Anyway, cats are obviously the bomb.
But I've never seen a cat like this one.
Benjamin has two different colored eyes. Now my problem with women is that I always eventually get tired into staring into the same colored eyes all the time. This would change EVERYTHING.
Benjamin, if you are ever sick, I'll give you a cat-scan.
If you're ever cold, I'll give you mittens.
You and your mousetache is just purrrfect. I'm feline great just thinking about you.
I would never make you feel(th)is ca(c)tis.(scientific name for domestic cat.)
You had me at meow.
But if we don't talk, i'll go cat-atonic.
OH rats, I feel like a loser, but if I remove this post, you'll have nothing to scratch yourself on.

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